Full Moon Workshop 23rd April

  • Ashtanga April '30 Day Yoga Challenge'
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Ashtanga April

Starts Monday 1st of April

Join the Yoga Challenge. Classes are live at 7am but will always be recorded so you can enjoy when it suits your schedule. Once you sign up you gte access to the full schedule check it out here: Timetable Here

Week 1: Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga and Sun Salutations

 Day 1-7: Introduce bandhas (energy locks), and drishti (gaze points). Focus on Sun Salutations A and B

Week 2: Standing Poses and Alignment

 Day 8-14: Explore the standing sequence of the Primary Series, Breaking down key standing poses.

Week 3: Seated Poses and Flexibility

Day 15-21: Dive into the seated sequence of the Primary Series, focusing on hip openers, forward folds, and twists.

Week 4: Finishing Sequence and Relaxation

Day 22-30: Explore the finishing sequence of the Primary Series, including inversions, backbends, and closing postures.

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