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"Meet Suzanne O'Sullivan, my business partner and co-founder of our teacher training school, 'Hearts of Courage.' Suzanne, a fellow yoga teacher, transitioned from a busy fashion career to become a yoga business owner as well."

Season #1

Suzanne is open and honest as she shares her story about teaching yoga. We chat about how we came together to create our Yoga Teacher Training school, 'Hearts of Courage.' Suzanne runs a successful yoga studio called 'Repose.'  This is an energetic podcast, and I believe it will uplift your mood. She shares her journey from the fashion world in New York to the world of yoga.

Yes, this podcast is sponsored by me. Visit www.yogawithmaura.ie/live-classes, and you can get a 25% discount by using the code: "podcast."

Love & Light, Maura x