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"I Don't Think Extraordinary People Have Great Balance - I Think You Need to be Obsessed to Make it Happen: Sean, the Founder of Back2Basics, Left Me Truly Inspired and Reflecting"

Season #1

Introducing Sean, the founder of Back2Basics – Sean invites you into his world of fitness, where he shares his story and passion on how he is making changes to the industry with unwavering dedication. Join us as Sean unfolds his journey to success, offering insights and invaluable lessons along the way. Sean's contagious work ethic and passion were palpable, leaving me deeply inspired to step into his wellness center. I couldn't get enough of this chat. You can find Sean's gym here: https://www.getback2basics.ie/. This podcast is sponsored by me: www.yogawithmaura.ie to get 20% off my online studio or on-demand courses use the code: 'podcast' Namaste, Love & light Maura