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"Coffee, Dreams, and Determination: Unveiling Claire Cullen's Journey to The Fat Fox Cafe"

Season #1

"Claire Cullen: Brewing Dreams, Building Community, and Finding Passion at The Fat Fox Cafe. Join us for an inspiring journey as Claire shares her story of vision, transformation, and the power of community connection. From barista to entrepreneurship, Claire's path is a testament to following one's passion and making dreams a reality. Join us in this enlightening conversation with Claire, filled with energy, warmth, and the spirit of initiative. It's just the beginning for her, and it's sure to ignite your own aspirations.

This episode is proudly sponsored by www.yogawithmaura.ie. Use the code 'podcast' to enjoy a 20% discount on your journey to mindfulness and well-being. We also wrap up with a soothing meditation session to leave you with love and light.

With Love & Inspiration, Maura x"