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Back to Basics Beginners Yoga Course

  • 30 Classes
  • Beginner Level



This yoga course has been created by Maura to help you on your journey, whether you are brand new to yoga or seeking to get back on the mat. It offers a mixture of learning techniques, best practiced daily to build muscle memory and achieve lasting flexibility.

Who is it for?

Led by Maura, this course is designed specifically for beginners or for those looking to get back into it, with step-by-step instructions and modifications to help you feel confident in each pose. With daily 15-30 minute videos, you'll be able to practice on your own schedule, and gradually build up to more challenging sequences. By the end of the 30 days, you'll have a solid foundation in the basics of yoga, and feel more comfortable joining other classes. Plus, you'll have access to the course for an additional 150 days, giving you plenty of time to revisit your favorite classes and continue building on what you've learned.

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Course Lessons

Daily Beginners

Class 1 to 30 Recommended 30 days
Teacher: Maura


  • Maura